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Matheson Linweld
bulk driver
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Job Description
Position Summary
Under the supervision of the local Terminal Manager the Bulk Driver position is responsible for the safe and efficient movement of commercial motor vehicles owned and/or operated by MG Industries. And the safe and efficient handling of liquefied and compressed gases to MG customer locations and production facilities as assigned. This position reports to the Terminal Manager.
Position Accountabilities
1. Loading and unloading of cryogenic liquids and compressed gases.
2. Practice defensive driving techniques on a daily basis while operating MG vehicles and the prevention of all work-related accidents and injuries.
3. Reporting of all accidents and unsafe acts/conditions (near misses) while performing normal duties.
4. Maintain a qualified CDL license to operate a tractor and semi-trailer with hazardous materials, tanker, and air-brake endorsements.
5. Comply with all company and customer safety policies and procedures as well as company employment policies and practices. Understand all company standard operating procedures, departmental work instructions, and local work instructions that affect the performance of their duties.
6. Completion and submission of all required regulatory compliance and company documents in accordance with company policies and procedures.
7. Responsible for accurate and timely communication to appropriate individuals and/or departments concerning matters involving customer service, scheduling delays, customer site discrepancies, equipment defects and other relevant issues to the operations in general. Develop a good working knowledge of the Qualcomm communication system and the fleet advisor software program requirements.
8. Must obtain scheduling information and adhere to schedule instructions. Understand scheduling instructions, and work assignments. Communicate scheduling delays and/or unforeseen circumstances that could have an adverse impact on terminal operations.
9. Maintain a professional appearance and consistently demonstrate professional standards when performing duties. Develop good working relationships with all MG Customers and maintain these relationships on a consistent basis.
10. Must report for duty in a readiness to work at assigned time.
11. Perform other duties as assigned.
Required Experience
Possess a valid CDL to operate a tractor and semi-trailer with Hazardous Materials, Tanker and Air-Brake endorsements. Have a minimum of two years'''', tractor and semi-trailer experience and the ability to provide verification of experience. Past history of safe driving record. Achieve an acceptable score on the "Gordon Personality Profiles". Ability to demonstrate competence in the handling of a commercial motor vehicle and its associated equipment during the pre-employment road test. Ability to work a five-day schedule per Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations hours of service rules. Able to maintain physical qualifications as required by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Able to stand, lift, and stoop as duties required in accordance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations driver vehicle inspections and product loading and unloading procedures. Able to work a flexible schedule to include: nights, weekends, holidays, extended-stays, and team operation as needed. Able to adjust to changes in schedules as needs arise. Ability to understand and a willingness to work within all guidelines and requirements of the Federal Motor Safety Regulations. Be able to operate delivery and loading equipment in all types of weather conditions. Must be able to successfully complete defensive driving course per -Smith System" guidelines. Must have the ability to acquire acceptable competency in safe handling practices of cryogenic liquids and compressed gases (loading, transport, and unloading).
Job Location
Pass Christian, Mississippi, United States
Position Type

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